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White beads will look off white
prior to being soaked overnight
So What is Rainbow Crystal Soil?


Well Basically its a Super Absorbent Polymer not unsimilar to the material found in Disposable Diapers.

The technical name is Sodium Polyacrylate, It can Absorb in excess of 100 times its own weight in Liquid or Water or even Pot Pourri Oil.

We Have 3 Options

It can be used as a Soil Replacement or Additive, a Decorative Medium for Weddings, Parties and Candles or even as a Room Freshener.

Unlike many other products our product is Non Toxic, Bio Degradable and will not Fade because it is Colorfast Too.

Currently available in 10 x 10g bags And 1lb Bags

We Also have a B Grade in 1lb Bags for Soil Mixing Grade

Rainbow Crystal Soil turns into Large 3/4" Jell-O Type Water Marbles when Soaked in Water.

Check out the FAQ's and Instructions on how to make and use Crystal Soil below.


We Ship Worldwide, Buyer Responsible for any Import Duties If any.

Sizes Available 10g Bags - 1lb Bags Even 50lb Bags for Agricultural use or Wholesale

Shipped Promptly Same Day if Possible USPS First Class from Florida - Not from China!


Add 1 x 10g of Rainbow Crystal Soil to Approx 2 quarts of Water and leave to soak overnight and it

will produce about 1 1/2 Quarts of Water Marbles once excess water removed.


Leave to Soak for 6-12 hours then drain off the Excess Water.

Do not leave soaking over 12 hrs.

10g is barely a Tablespoon full. Just one Tablespoon of Crystals will Produce well over a Quart of Water Marbles overnight.

The Crystals start around 1/8" in diameter and swell to around 5/8"-3/4" (15-19mm) - It's Pretty Amazing to see and to feel.

So 1 x 10g Bag of Rainbow Crystal Soil will swell enough to fill a small vase .

Always buy more than you need you can always store it, use it for decoration or even as a room freshener, - Yes You'll see Read On!!

The Rainbow Crystal Soil will soak up over 1-100 times its own weight in water or liquid and they feel like Jelly Water Marbles.

So make sure you soak in plenty of water - use at least a half gallon container to soak 1 x 10g bag - the bigger the container better, you can always drain off the excess water.

Distilled water is the best and will provide Bigger Water Marbles.

Now you have a few options for use.

You can use it as a Soil Replacement or Additive System, Plants will live in it instead of Dirt and its 100 times Prettier than Dirt.

Mix it with the soil in House Plants or in the soil in your garden it will act as a reservoir to feed the plants, you can put it on top of the soil for outdoor potted plants, Even if you want to squish the water marbles down into granules it will still work.

Use it as A Decorative Medium -They Look pretty Cool on there own, you can do some really cool designs, because they are colorfast you can do stripes one on top of the other with no worries of them fading or running, use it as a wedding theme, its great for centerpieces, or sports colors.

Using Rainbow Crystal Soil as House Plant Soil Replacement

Take existing plant and soak soil in water overnight - this will soften the soil and make it easier to wash and remove the soil from around roots, you want to get as much of the soil off as possible. Remove any dead or rotten roots and leaves from the Plant. Place the cleaned plant into an empty container gently spreading the roots apart, scoop the hydrated crystal soil Water Marbles around the plants roots until the container is full.


Add water and liquid nutrients as required by plant, you can even add some to the water when you soak the crystals, they will absorb it and slowly release it with the water feeding the plants, choose a clear fertilizer for this method or a dark colored Rainbow Crystal Soil so it does not discolor it.

Occasionally spray the plant and soil with water to feed the plant and keep the Crystal Soil hydrated

For Very Thirsty Plants Like Bamboo or Fresh Flowers Simply fill vase with Hydrated Rainbow Crystal Soil then add Water half way up to ensure roots are always in water.

If Crystal Soil shrinks you can fill the vase or container to the top with water and soak overnight. Carefully drain off the excess water the next day and the Rainbow Crystal Soil will expand again. They can be re hydrated like this over and over again and will last from 12 months to 2 years.

The product can be mixed directly with soil in the garden or for potting soil mix and it will retain the moisture in the soil.

Use it on your potted plants in the garden, put the hydrated crystals on the surface of the soil in tubs and it will soak up rain water and keep a steady reservoir supply of water for your outdoor plants.

Dig a hole near or under your plants in the garden and fill with hydrated rainbow crystal soil again this will act as a reservoir , when the rain comes the soil will swell holding the moisture for the plants for dry days, the roots will Grow toward the Rainbow Crystal Soil and take the moisture they need.

And yes you can grow seedlings

Using Rainbow Crystal Soil as Decoration or Wedding Centerpieces etc.


This product looks pretty cool just on its own in a clear vase but you can create some really cool effects by mixing the colors together in the same container and because they are color fast and will not run you can do some really cool effects like stripes for football colors, Wedding Colors & Themes, CenterPieces, insert candles or tea light candles and you have a real nice looking Center Piece for any table.

Using Rainbow Crystal Soil as a Room Freshener

How cool is this instead of soaking in water - soak in Pot Pour ri oil overnight - they will not expand quite as big as when soaked in water due to the moisture content of oil but they will still expand about 50 times etc. Now put them in a glass container and you have a room freshener or centerpiece that matches your plants, they will slowly release the oil into the atmosphere making your room smell fantastic, when they shrink simply soak them again overnight and you can re-use them like this over and over again, obviously you don't use the oil soaked ones with any plants, but its a great idea with any you have left over.

Q: How Much will a bag make and how much do I need to fill my vase?

A: The easiest way to calculate - fill the vase you have with water and see how many Quarts or liters of water it takes to get to the desired level you want.

1 x 10g Bag is going to give you Approx. 1 1/2 quarts (1.42 Liters) of Gel Balls when hydrated.

So if your vase holds 3 quarts (2.84 liters) of water then you will need 2 x 10g bags as each bag fills 1 1/2 (1.42 liters) etc.

1 x 1LB Bag is going to give you Approx. 16 Gallons (62 Liters) of Gel Balls when hydrated.

Water Quality can effect these figures, highly chlorinated water is not good, distilled will give biggest volume.

Q: What if the Cat or Dog Ate the Rainbow Crystal Soil?

A: They are Non Toxic! and whilst we do not advise eating them etc. it won't hurt them - It will come out in the end !!!

Q: Can I mix Different Colors of Rainbow Crystal Soil in the same Vase, will it change the color of the plants ?

A: Unlike many others available the product we sell is Colorfast so it can be layered in a vase to create stripes, adding water on top of these stripes will give a solid look and look like striped water so some really cool effects are possible. Plants will not change color because we do not use any food colorings, the color you buy is the color they stay they will not run or fade.

Look How Clear This Water is - they have been soaking for 12 hrs.


These are not died with food colors like some products this means you can mix colors in the same vase or container without fear of the colors bleeding into each other, it also means you can do some really cool effects like stripe the colors on top of each other in taller vases without running into each other and If the cat knocks them over you don't get soil all over the place.

Q: Is Rainbow Crystal Soil Biodegradable?

A: Yes this means if the wee kids or big kids squish them and break them you can still use them ( and they will guys just can't help themselves) But even when they do, Do Not Throw them in the Trash simply mix with potting soil or soil in Garden and they will retain the moisture in the soil for up to 2 years until they finally dissolve harmlessly into the soil.

Q: What Happens if I just Leave the Rainbow Crystal Soil and do not water at all?

A: They will shrink right back down to how they started and you can put them away in an airtight bag and use them again in the future but this will take a while of zero maintenance, remember they are low maintenance not No Maintenance.

Q: Can you use Rainbow Crystal Soil with fresh Flowers?

A: Yes you can use the Rainbow Crystal Soil with Fresh Flowers but the stems must always be in water so fill the vase once the soil has been soaked in water then add extra water to half way up the vase so the stems are always in water, add nutrients and plant food to the water as usual, the bottom half will look like a solid color and the top half will look like water marbles.

Q: Can you use Rainbow Crystal Soil with Bamboo?

A: Yes you can use the Rainbow Crystal Soil with Bamboo follow the same Instructions as with Fresh Flowers making sure the container is half full of extra water as Bamboo lives in water naturally, Bamboo likes to have the water changed once every 4-6 weeks so its a good idea to empty the container wash the crystal soil in a strainer of some sort and change the water on a regular basis and this is a good practice no matter what your Bamboo is growing in.

Q: What if my Plant is too heavy or too big to pot in a glass Vase?

A: You can still use the Rainbow Crystal Soil as a water supply either by covering the surface of the soil or mixing in with the soil, the Rainbow Crystal Soil will act as a reservoir between watering's or between rain if it is outside.

Q: How Often will I need to water my plants in Rainbow Crystal Soil?

A: Rainbow Crystal Soil is low Maintenance not No Maintenance so you still need to monitor your plants, you will not need to water the plants as often as you did before, the first weeks you will be able to gauge yourself, if water starts to build at the bottom of the vase this is ok this is the crystals slowly releasing the water stored, if they release too fast it could be the temperature of the room etc. you will simply need to drain off the excess by tilting the vase carefully over a sink. If the Crystals Shrink too fast and become small you can add water with a sprayer occasionally or you can re soak overnight and carefully tilt over sink to drain off the excess and they will expand again. You will get to know your own plants water needs and adjust accordingly.

Q: What if I want a larger quantities for a wedding theme etc?

A: The more you buy the better the price, we have multiple quantities in the dropdown list next to the pricing. We also sell in 1lb bags which are equivalent to 44 of the 10g bags. if you are looking for more than 100 bags check out our wholesale buys.

Q: What if I want to become a Reseller of Rainbow Crystal Soil?

Great -  we have wholesale bulk quantities in our store and a range of Reselling Materials also to help you check our other listings.

Rainbow Crystal Soil is a Soil Replacement & Decorative Medium



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