Left Handed Glass Cutter Pink

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The Amazing Glass Cutter

Left Handed Model

Cutter Wheel Mounted so you can see it

When Holding Glass Cutter in Left Hand

Can be changed back easily if needed.


  • THE BEST GLASS CUTTERS FOR STAINED GLASS With A Bottle Of Glass Cutter Oil Also Great For Oil Filled Glass Cutter This Stained Glass Starter Kit is our most popular professional glass cutters tools
  • EASY TO USE MIRROR CUTTER the best glass cutter for mirrors you can craft mirror tiles and cut glass mirror tiles into thin strips up in seconds.
  • SAVE MONEY CUT YOUR OWN PICTURE FRAMES And Window Pane Like A Professional Glass Cutter You Will Be Able To Custom Cut Glass Curve Straight Or Wavy.
  • EASILY CUT MOSAIC GLASS TILE with this awesome glass tile cutter No more wheeled glass nippers breaking the small glass tiles into pieces
  • UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE Break It We Replace It! Drive Over It! Drop It Off A Bridge And A Train Drives Over It! STILL COVERED! But It Has To Be A Train Though As A Truck Cant Do It!
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