Replacement Cutting Wheel for Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter

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The Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter Wheel

This Replacement Kit Includes

  • 1 x Replacement Cutting Wheel

These High Quality Tungsten Carbide Wheels are Good for 500 to 1000 linear Ft of Tile or Glass and even More if oiled Every Score or Two.

Oil Keeps The Wheel Turning Freely, Creates a better Score on Hard Tiles and Cools Down the Glass or Mirror to give a cleaner break and minimize splintering.

This is a replacement Tungsten Carbide cutting wheel the for The Amazing Tile & Glass Cutter. It's made from high quality Tungsten Carbide rather than reconstituted Tungsten.

In order to obtain the quality standards of The Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter, the Tungsten Carbide Wheel is as hard as we can possibly make it without causing it to become brittle.

We have our own Tehnique for Grinding the Optimized angle into the edge of the wheel which further enhances the Cutting Wheels ability, This is why the Tungsten Wheel can to cut well over 1000 cuts before being replaced.

To replace the wheel, simply loosen the nut holding the current wheel in place. 

A sharp quarter turn at the start of either tightening or loosening the nut will ensure it is secure or start the removal process respectively.

NOTE: If you want to maintain the original performance of the Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter, do not use any third party replacement wheel. We specially manufacture our Tungsten cutting wheels to provide both the appropriate strength and durability. Most importantly, these wheels are designed to specific angular requirements that allow flawless scoring of the Tile and Glass.

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