4 1/4 inch Hole Saw for Tile Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit 4 1/4 in 108mm

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4 1/4" Professional Quality Diamond Hole Saw for drilling holes in Porcelain, Granite & Hard Floor Tiles.

Not All Diamond Hole Saws are the Same. There are generally 3 grades of Electroplated Diamond Hole Saw depending on the size of the diamonds.

1. El Cheapos that barely cut 1 hole - you know, the ones you can buy for a dollar.

2. Middle of the road that work good on glass and will cut a handful of holes if looked after.

3.Ours -We use the biggest Gauge Diamonds we dare - the biggest and best for this application

We have chosen to sell a Higher Quality Product than anyone else because we want your repeat business. We've tested many before and now have made one that is superior - It's worth the extra for a tool that actually works and you will not be dissapointed.

The Edge is coated with a Quality Mesh Diamond, they can be used in corded or cordless Drills. They can even cut in both directions, they are designed to be used with water as a coolant.

These Holesaws leave a fine finish and can cut through tough abrasive materials like Porcelain, Granite, Marble, Dense Ceramic Tiles, Fibre Glass, Wine Bottles and Composite Boards. Also Great for Boat Building.



Applying water to the cutting edge whilst running is a MUST!

This can be done using several methods, with squirty bottle and dipping bit in water as you drill, make a reservoir of water around the area to be drilled with Plumbers Putty, If the hole is to be drilled vertically i.e on a wall then you can hold a sponge around the bit soaked in water or make a bra shape cup out of plumbers putty on the wall and drill through the water etc.

You need to remember when Drilling Holes with a Diamond Bit you are not really Drilling a Hole - You are Grinding a Hole so Go slow and Keep it Cool, this will increase bit life and provide better holes.

Important Keep Water and fluids away from Electrical Tools and Devices!

Always wear Safety Glasses when Using Any Tool.

These are Good Quality Bits with Diamond coating inside and outside the Cutting Area but the use of water is a Must even with these Quality Bits.

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