2 3/4 inch Carbide Hole Saw for Concrete Cement Drywall Plaster Hardie Board Masonry Wall Tile Marble Brick 70mm Tungsten Grit Hole Saw

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Cut Concrete, Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Ceramic Wall Tiles and much more!
The True Professional's Tool.
The Same Tool We Sell To Tile & Hardware Stores Around The Globe.

1. Must use with TCT Pilot Drill
Check it is Tight.
2. Must Use with Hammer Drill
Unparalleled Quality
Designed For Cutting
Durability That Lasts

Many Of The Applications That These Saw Blades Are Used For Would Bind, Load Up, Or Wear Out The Teeth On Traditional Toothed Blades. With Permanently Bonded Tungsten Carbide Grit, You Can Now Cut Concrete, Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Ceramic Wall Tiles And Much More!  These Tools Are Designed To Outlive Other Equivalent Holesaws. They Can Also Be Reversed To Increase Their Lifespan. 

Watch Our Demonstration Video!

An Honest And Candid Look At Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Holesaws.
Material Cutting Chart.
Be Sure To View Our Material Cutting Chart So That You Can Make Sure This Is The Right Tool For You.
Some Materials Require Diamond Hole Saws Which We Also Have Available In Our Store.

If Drilling Concrete with Granite Stones
We advise using our Diamond Range 
As Carbide Cannot Cut Granite.

The Power Of Tungsten Carbide Grit. The Gulleted Edge Is Coated With A Permanently Bonded Tungsten Carbide Grit.  The Gulleted Edge Increases Cutting Pressure And Allows The Cut Material To Be Removed. They Are Designed To Take Serious Abuse And Will Outlast Any Conventional Hole Saw, They Can Be Used In Corded Or Cordless Drills Even Sds Drills And Are Built And Designed To Cut Both With Or Without Full Hammer Action. They Can Even Cut In Both Directions, They Have A High Heat And Abrasion Resistance. They Are Much Tougher Than Bi Metal Hole Saws And They Have No Teeth To Chip Or Dull Like Regular And Even Carbide Tipped Hole Saws. 

From Tough To Brittle And Verything In Between.

These Holesaws Leave A Fine Finish And Can Cut Through Tough Abrasive Materials Like Concrete, Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Siding, Hardie Board, 
Construction Materials Such As Autoclaved Cement Board, Fibre Glass, Composite Boards Such As Chipboard And Mdf, Laminates, Rubber Tires Tyres, Grp, Cfrp, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Plasterboard / Drywall, Soft Resinous Woods And Hard Brittle Materials.

Great For Boat Building.

Extended Life.
Blades Can Be Reversed And Wire Brushed Clean To Increase Life Span. Applying Water To The Cutting Edge Whilst Running With Squirty Bottle Will Minimize Dust And Keep The Cutting Tool Cool. Whilst Not Required This Can Substantially Increase The Life Span Of The Cutting Edge. Note: Keep Water And Fluids Away From The Electrical Tools And Devices!

Mandrel / Arbor And Pilot Drill Compatibility.

These Hole Saws Take Standard Mandrels / Arbors But Ourarbors Come Complete With Tct Pilot Bits Which Are Replaceable,
After All What's The Point Having A Hole Saw That Can Cut Through Concrete If The Pilot Drill Cannot!

The Following Mandrels Are Compatible With This Holesaw:

They Fit Hole Saws 1 1/4" (32mm) Up To 6" (152mm) Or More. It Has A Thread Size Of 5/8" Which Is Also A Standard Size.

SDS Plus Mandrels Are Available For Those With Sds Drills.

Other Sizes Available
5/8" Carbide Holesaw 16mm
3/4" Carbide Holesaw 19mm
7/8" Carbide Holesaw 22mm
1" Carbide Holesaw 25mm
1 1/8" Carbide Holesaw 29mm
 1 1/4" Carbide Holesaw 32mm
1 3/8" Carbide Holesaw 35mm 
1 1/2" Carbide Holesaw 38mm
1 5/8" Carbide Holesaw 41mm
1 3/4" Carbide Holesaw 44mm
1 7/8" Carbide Holesaw 48mm
2" Carbide Holesaw 51mm
2 1/8" Carbide Holesaw 54mm
2 1/4" Carbide Holesaw 57mm 
2 3/8" Carbide Holesaw 60mm
2 1/2" Carbide Holesaw 64mm 
2 5/8" Carbide Holesaw 67mm
2 3/4" Carbide Holesaw 70mm
2 7/8" Carbide Holesaw 73mm
3" Carbide Holesaw 76mm
3 1/4" Carbide Holesaw 83mm
3 3/8" Carbide Holesaw 86mm
3 1/2" Carbide Holesaw 89mm
3 3/4" Carbide Holesaw 95mm
4" Carbide Holesaw 102mm
4 1/4" Carbide Hole Saw 108mm
4 1/2" Carbide Holesaw 114mm
6" Carbide Holesaw 152mm

12" Arbor Extension 3/8" Hex Male to Female
12" Arbor Extension 7/16" Hex Male to Female
12" SDS Plus Male to 7/16 Hex Female Extendsion 
TCT Pilot Drills 1/4" Shaft
7/16 Hex Arbors
SDS Plus Arbors
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