1/4" (6mm) Spear Point Tile & Glass Drill

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For drilling holes in glass, mirrors and low to medium density ceramic tiles.

These Drills are a lot better quality than you will find in the big hardware stores, these are the same drills we use in our demonstrations across the country and they cut better and last longer than any other Spear Point Tile and Glass drills.

The special shaped head allows slow drilling of holes in Glass, mirrors and low to medium density ceramic tiles.

The Tip is specially designed with a double point this allows for a non slip start when drilling these difficult to cut materials.


Use slow drilling speeds under 500 rpm.

For best results use in drill press.

If Drilling Dense materials like floor tiles or glass build a putty wall around area to be drilled and create a reservoir of either turpentine or water, this will act as a coolant and not only aid the drilling and finish it will also increase the lifespan of the drill.

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